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Pricing function consideration in launching new medicines

One in three new medicines making it to the market are recovering their R&D investments of about $1.2 billion.

To improve these odds OGP (Optimal Global Pricing) pricing function is providing R&D with market supported budgets throughout the 12 years of development. R&D knows at all times how much they can spent.

R&D will provide the regulatory agencies with INDs, NDAs and at the same time

  • INDPs Investigation New Drug Pricing Plan

  • NDPAs New Drug Pricing Application

By the time the new drug is ready to be moved to the market the regulatory agencies will be well aware of what price and in what market the new drug will go for. Certainly there will be some negotiations to be done but nothing compared to the current negotiations for a sequential market launch and reference pricing. Negotiations for the simultaneous launch of the new drug in all markets will last weeks, months - Not Years.

In the next blog will show what these negotiations will consist in.

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