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NCSU Campus

From left to right: Dr. Elmor L. Peterson, Mircea Scurtu, Dr. Mihnea Emanuel Galca


Barry Goodwin Ph.D.

is an American economist, currently the Wm Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor

at North Carolina State University.

Albert J. Banes Ph.D.

President, Flexcell International Corp.

Professor Emeritus

Joint Dept. Biomedical Engineering


Flexcell Office Park

Suite 200

2730 Tucker St.

Burlington, NC 27215



Andrea Picon



Research for the OGP business application,optimalglobalpricing, has been completed on the NCSU campus by Dr. Elmor L. Peterson, Dr. Thomas Johnson, Dr. Thomas W. Reiland  and Mircea Scurtu Ph.D. Candidate. 

Development of the market modeling for pricing has been completed at OGT - Optimal Global Technologies by Elmor L. Peterson, Mircea Scurtu and  Mihnea Galca of Politehnica University of Bucharest Romania.

CV Dr. Elmor L. Peterson




CV Mircea Scurtu Ph.D. candidate



CV Dr. Mihnea Emanuel Galca 



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