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Optimal Launch Pricing

By the time of the IND an INDP - Investigational New Drug Pricing plan will be presented together with R&D plans to the respective authorities for review. During phases I through III the market model will enable monitoring changing market conditions and budget spending. NDA submission will coincide with submitting the NDPA - New Drug Pricing Application to pricing authorities. By the time of the NDA approval, the optimal global pricing plan will be negotiated/approved eliminating the global launch bottleneck. Global launch will replace the market-by-market launch and reference pricing. 

Resolving the Global Launch problem consists in a:

User friendly set up of a market model before commencing drug development, which in turn will enable the early-stage marketing plan. Indications of market feasibility for the prospective new medicine can be derived in the form of:

  • Market potential

  • Development budget










OGP Pricing Function (in green outline) is represented in the figure above. Source for the Prising Considerations (in black and red) is SK&P.


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