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Parallel trade causing Medicine Crises in Romania

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Of the 700 medicines missing / in short supplies as reported by Romania to 'Shortages catalogue' of the EU

  • 494 or 70.57% cite as reason - 'Motive comerciale' OR commercial reasons

  • 172 cite as reason - 'Motive de fabricatie' OR production reasons

  • 34 missing medications for various other reasons

From our study on a sample of 5 medicines missing/short supply in Romania due to parallel trade is 58.18% or 407 medicines. That makes it 87 medicines missing due to commercial reasons other than parallel trade.

All numbers resulting from OGP study are in line with what is known and published. This is a positive and firm confirmation of OGP' potential to resolve medicine crises in low priced markets.

  • See report from our study at: file:///C:/Users/Mircea%20Scurtu/Downloads/Resolving%20the%20medicine%20crises%20in%20Romania%20(3).pdf

Relief for Romanian patients is likely to lag for a while until the current administration will get past the Covid19 crises and is ready to tackle the MEDICINE CRISES; the bigger picture.

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