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Partnering in Value Pricing - the game of intelligence

OGT – Optimal Global Technologies LLC, who developed the OGP – Optimal Global Pricing technology, is seeking a partner to resolve major commercial problems in the pharma industry or any other industry.

Value Pricing – a game of intelligence.

Global pharma markets dysfunctionalities make the game of pricing extremely complex, difficult and in the end confusing.

What is the intelligent Value Pricing solution?

Optimize markets:

· Optimize prices

· Optimize product levels

· Optimize distribution

· Optimize promotional expenses

You do this by solving the economic equilibrium problem.

OGP has a finitely converging algorithm solving the economic equilibrium problem with exact numerical optimal solutions which makes it a suitable business application.

Examples of solving the many market dysfunctionalities including the parallel trade problem are:

1. the study of five medicines, seven European markets. Please see blog at: The value returned to pharma clients is $2.4 billion. The value returned to the global patient is $865 million.

2. OGP can also solve medicine crises in low priced markets. Please see example at:

3. OGP can solve the problem of ‘Overcoming Patent Expiration’:

4. OGP can solve the bottleneck in sequential/ reference pricing medicine launch which is costing clients hundreds of millions of dollars in forgone revenue:

5. OGP can solve the problem of “one in three medicines recovering their investments of $1.2 billion on average” by providing clients in R&D market supported budgets:

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